We rely on the generosity of our extended family — people like you — Any support can helps to provide all children with food,education and health support.so we can educate, feed, clothe and support all of our children. Every dollar we save from our performance is also a dollar earned for the continued care of our kids. Our music and dance troupe children will soon begin training again during their school term breaks and over select weekends. Show your support of music and advocacy – it’s so easy to do.


Every child in this world, either from east or west has a right to good food, safe drinking water, shelter, clothing, health care and an education. It is regrettable that the majority of children in developing countries lack most of the above, if not all. Some go without a meal for days on end, while others live in slums where healthcare is unheard of, hence exposing them to a lot of health hazards. No person, let alone a child should be forced to live in these conditions.

The Ugandan child is no exception from the above cases, especially with;

  • Years of drought has left thousands of people with failed crops and little to no access to drinking water. This has increased malnutrition and mortality in children

  • High levels of HIV/AIDS related cases resulting in young children being left in the care of the aged population, who are unable to look after them.


The Masaka Kids Africana is composed of African children, from the age of 2 and up. Many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease. They represent all the children of a continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land.

The children melt the hearts of audiences with their charming smiles and delightful African tunes, accompanied by vibrant dance moves. Nearly every performance is concluded with a thunderous standing ovation. A marvelous by-product of the concert is the inspiration the music brings to virtually every listener. In spite of the tragedy that has marred their young lives, the children are radiant with hope, musically gifted and wonderfully entertaining.


We rely on the generosity of our extended family — people like you — so we can educate, feed, clothe and support all of our children. Every dollar we save from our performance is also a dollar earned for the continued care of our kids.

Masaka Kids Africana sponsored children have gone through some of the worst experiences a child could face — but through dance and song and sharing their love of Uganda, these children connect to each other and the world. They see their own potential — they have hope for their future.


Mission Statement

To provide a stable foundation that is rooted in education and health care for orphaned, vulnerable, deprived and destitute children who have lost their own family. We will provide a loving and safe, family environment that enables children the right to a happy, educated, skilled and healthy life.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide love, food, shelter, clothing, education, safe drinking water, medical care and career opportunities to orphaned, deprived and destitute children

  • Help cut down the number of street children in the Uganda society

  • Reduce HIV/AIDS related cases, through education and prevention

  • Improve access to education for underprivileged children, by creating a sponsorship program

  • Help children who are not academically inclined to acquire technical skills, which will allow them to support themselves in the future

  • Continue the close working relationship with Government Rescue Centres and Children’s Homes in order to help provide the local community with the fundamentals needed in their society.



  • Build a home that will raise, nurture and re-habilitate children, aged 2 and above.

  • Employee trained, knowledgeable and caring staff to guide the children down the right paths

  • Utilise the land in a way that it will become self-sustainable by growing our own crops, buy milking cows, install a rainwater tank and by creating a poultry farm

The Home

Masaka Kids Africana has acquired 2 acres of land on the outskirts of the town of Nyendo, in Masaka, Uganda. The land is lush and fertile, which will provide us with excellent conditions to make our home as self-sustainable as possible.

We plan to build a children’s home on our land. The home will shelter up to 20 children (boys and girls) and a house mama. The home will comprise of male and female bed and bathrooms, a bedroom for the house mama, living area, dining room, kitchen, store and laundry.

After the home has been established, we hope to build two storey community centre with two training classroom, a library, computer room, TV/DVD room and a small medical clinic/store downstairs and an office and volunteer wing upstairs. Eventually we would like to run educational class not only for our children and staff, but for the surrounding community as well.

There will also be a large playing field, a small poultry farm and a communal farm with crops such as maize, cabbage, spinach, potatoes, carrots, bananas, and avocado and mango trees. As time progress, we would like to manage and sell our crops and eggs to provide us with more funding.


We want to build this home for the children and provide hope but we don’t have the necessary financial resources to establish it. We rely on the generosity of our extended family — people like you — so we can educate, feed, clothe and support all of our children. Every dollar you can give towards this noble work, it will be greatly appreciated.


We are Glad to let you know our #Post_Address is out .

Many people out there wants to know how they can send in their support in terms of things.

You can send them to our Post Address

Here is the address to be used:

"Masaka Kids Africana"

PO BOX 1536 Masaka,Uganda,East Africa

There is no zipcode! Thank you❤️

Things like

★Children's clothes (boys and girls ages 2-15)
★shoes and sandals
★Colouring books
★pencils and pens

And similar items!
Anything to bring comfort to a child who has nothing.Thank you!!